UHF 2017 – Design Contest

As we work on 9th edition, we decided to do it a little bit different.
Each year we hire graphic designer to do the design of the t-shirt, fanpage cover, profile photo, poster and other visual elements.
This time, we’d like to do first UHF Graphic Design Contest and let the community to design the new look and feel of the event.

So if you have design skills, go ahead and take a chance!
We can’t wait to see your creativity!
If you have a friend do is designer, make sure he knows about our contest.

The plan

  1. get the brand book and logo files
  2. create our design
  3. submit your work
  4. if you win, you will get extra 7 days to deliver final design
  5. collect the prize and come to Lublin to see over 300 slackliners wearing your design 🙂

Step 1

Read the regulations: UHF2017-design-contest-regulations-ENG

Check out brand book PDF

Get the UHF logo: Illustrator or PNG

Get the Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrzów logo: carnaval-logo.zip

Grab the declaration: UHF2017-design-contest-declaration-ENG

See previous editions to get inspired: urbanhighline.pl/design

Step 2

Your design should be final sketch, just to sell your idea to jury, if you win you will have 7 days to deliver print ready files. The 7 days can be extended to 14 days, but you have to progressively deliver the work, we need the facebook stuff first

Step 3

Send your work to info at urbanhighline.pl within February 28th 2017 and remember to sign and attach the: UHF2017-design-contest-declaration-ENG

Step 4

You will be notified by email about results of the contest on March 7th, the information will be published on the fanpage and official website.
The winner has 7 days to progressively deliver the final files for:

  1. t-shirt design (vector)
  2. fanpage cover photo
  3. fanpage profile photo
  4. Facebook event cover photo
  5. Facebook 2018 event cover photo (based on the same design)
  6. Facebook 2018 design contest event cover photo (based on the same design)

All files should be delivered in high resolution files (PSD or AI files if possible)

Step 5

Collect the prize of 1500 PLN or 375 EUR and join us in Lublin, 25-30 of July 2017


email: info at urbanhighline.pl

facebook contest event