Please check out some of the questions we’ve been asked before. We try to give you as much information as possible 😉 In case you don’t find what you’re looking for – hit us through the contact form.

Basic information

What are the dates for UHF 2017?

The 2017 edition of Urban Highline Festival is held from 25th till 30th of July.

Where should I check in after I arrive?

Registration point is settled at the green zone next to the castle, you can find it on our map.

Can I bring my children to UHF?

Yes, but keep in mind they should be under your supervision all the time.

Can I bring a friend for the festival?

Of course! We encourage you to bring family and friends, just make sure they register for the event.

I can’t come for the whole event. Is it ok if I join only for a day or two?

You can join whenever you want, but the longer you stay, the more fun you will have 😉

Are minors allowed to participate?

Sure, but only with a consent of their parent or legal guardian.

Can I bring my pet to Urban Highline Festival?

Pets are allowed on the festival, but they should never enter any highline buildings and (especially the historic ones!)

Can I arrive earlier or stay longer?

You’re welcome to arrive a day before the festival. The camp will be ready from 24th till 31st of July.

It’ looks like I won’t be able to make it to the Festival. Can I get my money back?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds. Just make sure you come to UHF 😉

Can someone take my spot on the festival?

Of course, just let us know about it. Please use our contact form or send us a message through Facebook profile.


Does it cost extra to stay at the UHF campsite?

No, camping is included in your UHF ticket price.

Can I come with a van or caravan?

Yes, but remember that campsite is not a parking lot. You can park your van at the parking next to the camp.

I’m planning to sleep in a hammock, is there any place to rig it?

Of course, there are many trees at the campsite.

I have my own slackline. Can I bring it with me to rig it at the campsite?

Yes, just make sure it’s not going to block any path and pay attention to common safety rules.

Are there toilets at the campsite?

Of course 🙂

Will there be access to showers and running water?


What about access to an electric power source?

You’ll find charging place in the main hall.

Am i allowed to light a campfire?

No, it’s strictly forbidden.

Is there a chance for a Wi-Fi signal / hotspot?

Yes, you will find hotspots at the campsite and at the highline spots.

Costs and fees

What is the registration price for UHF2017?

Full-price tickets are €30 (120 zł) per person.

What does the price cover?

Open highlines, workshops and lectures from our special guests, parties (!), camping, t-shirt (for pre-registered) great fun atmosphere and more!

Do I pay less if I’m not joining for all the festival days?

The price goes down a few € per each festival day 😉


I’ve never tried slacklining / highlining before. Will I have a chance to try?

Please check the Festival regulations.

What equipment or gear do I need to bring with me to try the highlines?

All you need is your harness.

I don’t have my own gear. Can I rent it somewhere at the Festival?

Unfortunately no.

Will there be any kind of queue for each line?

Yes. If you want to go on the line, please ask about the queue for it and try to pay attention to it.

What lines will be available during UHF2017?

16 highlines varying from 18 to 88 meters long and a airline-trickline over the net.

Location | Venue

Where can I find the map of the festival?

It’s already here on our site 🙂

You should also receive the map through e-mail, after you pre-register for the festival.

I’ll be driving with a car to the festival. Where can I park?

There are two parking lots just next to the camp, but remember, you’re not allowed to drive inside the camp!

Is there any parking fee?

The parking lot next to the camp is 5 zł per entrance. There is a free underground parking in the Tarasy Zamkowe shopping center, but it’s only open till 10 p.m.

Is it possible to reserve a parking spot before the Festival?

We don’t offer parking reservations. There is enough space for few hundred cars, you’ll surely find a spot there 😉

Is the camp anywhere near the highlines?

Yes! The camp is located only a few minutes walk from the highlines at the Old Town 🙂

Where will be the highlines rigged?

All the highlines will be rigged at the Old Town, or in a small radius around it. They are all marked on the map.


Is it possible to buy slackline gear and accessories at the Festival?

Of course, be sure to check the stands at the main hall.

Which slackline brands will be present at UHF2017?

You’ll find these information at our facebook fanpage.

Where can I get something to eat?

You’ll find food trucks just outside the campsite, and a few shops closer than 500m from the camp. Make sure to check the bars and restaurants at the Old Town too! 🙂

Do the organizers provide any food during the Festival?

Sorry, we do not provide any free food. Still there’s going to be a lot of places to get yourself something to eat and drink.

Are you throwing and organizing parties during the Festival?

Of course! Party a day (well, maybe more like evening) keeps the doctor away 😉

Can I bring my own alcohol to the Festival?

You’re free to have and drink alcohol at the campsite. It’s forbidden to drink it in the city and at the highline spots (!)

Am i allowed to take photos and shoot videos from Urban Highline Festival?

Of course! You better do! 😉

If I have any questions or issued at the Festival, how can I reach you?

You’re always welcome to talk to our Info Point crew at the main hall.

Is there any grocery store around?

Yes, in the shopping center near the camp. There are also some at around the Old Town.

Are there any cash machines (ATM) nearby?

Yes, quite a few.

Where can I exchange currency?

At the shopping center near the campsite.


Does my ticket price include any insurance?

We strongly suggest to buy your own insurance.

Should I buy my insurance before I arrive to UHF?

You’ll be visiting another country so we suggest to take care of it before the Festival.

Are the lines safe and secure throughout all the Festival?

Yes, all the highlines are being constantly watched and get inspected at least 2 times a day.

Will anyone check me (and my harness) before I get on the highline?

Yes, you won’t be able to get on any highline without being checked by safety team members.

Is there security at the campsite?

Yes, the campsite has it’s own security staff working 24h/day.


What workshops can I attend during the Urban Highline Festival?

We’ll post all the information soon, through our FB fanpage

When will the workshops take place?

During the first 2 days of the Festival.

Do I need to sign-up anywhere to attend the workshops?

No, you can attend all the workshops you want, admission free.